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This is the end. [30 Jun 2004|11:39pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Wow, I know, Im actually updating?! [Not at home] Yeah Im definitely grounded. I wouldnt be if it wasnt for Amali... Well I mean yeah I fucked up, but I would have been out of trouble if it wasnt for the evil midget... But thats another story...

LOL. Advice for everyone: SNEAKING OUT IS HORRID. [fun sometimes, especially when trampolines are involved, but BADDDD] lol. Yeah, Im definitely grounded. But IT IS MY FAULT. Jocelyn is not allowed to blame herself in anyway, b/c it was my choice. LOL. My high pitched giggler.

Yeah so today was fun. Ayesha and Axel day. :) Loved every second of it. I don't belong in "up agianst the wall"... Axel DEFINITELY doesn't belong there. Sorry babe, leave it for Jose. Listened to cds, wandered around, was a true mall rat, never found the right color shirt, lol fun stuff. :) <3 Yeah well, I don't feel like writing a lot b/c my blog calls, and soon I must leave.

Interesting revelation: THERE IS A PORN STORE IN WHEATON.

Where the hood at? LOL. THat was from Dinesh. Just to make my last entry special. HMmm apparently the hood is in Utah. Thats different.

So I got officially divorced today, and then I got remarried. Well... I get remarried first, [I <3 my wife] and broke off my marriage to the elf. Haha he'll read this soon and get mad. Very mad at me. LOL. Waiting..... Waiting.... there we go. Now he is mad. LOL. MUAHAHA.

I will go play Halo! [and lose horribly]

Off I go. Ahh how I will miss you all. So this is it... Thats the end... Bye bye livejournal.. Sexiangelbabz4u needs to be retired. Both the screen name, and the journal. Its not me. Meh. I got it from TONY. Thats how old it is. LOL. Yeah speaking of TOny... Grr. I will bitch to something else. I need to stop with this.

One last bitch... AMALI IS GAY. IM GOING TO KILLLLLLLL HER. TWO MONTHS WITHOUT INTERNET B/C OF HER. ARGH. I will get out of this. But still. Grr.

All right Im babbling. Bye bye everyone! <3 <3 <3 Its over... [sob sob sob] Meh. Bye. Hey maybe if I like you enough you'll get my new username.... Once I make it up. LOL. okay okay Im done. <3 <3 <3... Bye bye.

["Bye bye!! <3 <3 <3"]

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Hmm [25 Jun 2004|07:46pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Yeah I definitely wasn't happy earlier. LOL. The hole.. Thats hilarious. Yeah. Today didn't go the way I planned. No Axel :( Which sucked. Yeah I got "grounded" whatever that is. LOL. It still sucked. I planned on being a movie junkie today. Uhh yeah, I guess Im a little better. Things are just getting a little stressing around the house. Oh well whatever. Yeah I need to get out and do something. Pool tomorrow. Maybe that won't be so bad. I will probably end up sitting around though. Anyone feel like sitting around the pool with me? Im not in a watery mood. Meh.

I <3 Em. Just b/c she came over and cheered me up... and EWWW made me drink a glass of mac n cheese milky sauce with her. YUCK. I still feel sick. LOL. And the horrid hindi videos... Oh man, Em you have a strange appreciation for this crap. Its scary. Well must call <3. Bye bye.

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RawR. [25 Jun 2004|04:42pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

What the fuck did I honestly do this time? I was just sitting there watching Tv and the next thing I know Im getting yelled at for EVERYTHING. AHHH Im going to fucking kill them. WTF.

I DONT FUCKING CARE ABOUT THIER OPINION OF ME. Why don't they get that? Why the fuck can't they go one day without driving me up a wall? FUCKING IDIOTS. Yeah I really went off on them this time, And yes some of the stuff I said was just horrible, and Im shocked I said it. But they brought it on themselves. Why would they honestly start this up agian, out of nowhere? UGHHH. I don't want to know the 5 million reasons why I suck every fucking day. Im not a fucking stress ball. But thats what they've made me.

Parents fucking suck.

And yes the new word is fuck.

LOL, new addition to my room: Another big hole in the wall.


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